Membrane Slitters

Stand-up Membrane Slitter

Easily cut roofing membrane standing up instead of on your hands and knees!
  • Cuts straight or curved lines.
  • Removable slitter cartridge uses standard, easily replaceable utility blades.
  • Unique design helps prevent accidental punctures and won’t damage the surface under the membrane.
  • Yellow pointer helps user to follow scribed lines.
  • Made in USA

MM21110 Stand-up membrane slitter, 32" high
DS56040 Utility blades, standard, 100/box DS56040
DS56080 Utility blades, standard, 5/card DS56040
Hand-held Membrane Slitter

Easy cutting for TPO and PVC membranes!

  • Blade safely mounts securely in accessible housing.
  • Uses three-hole slitter blades
  • Easy to replace and rotate blade (replacement blades available)
  • Lightweight and compact

MM21100 Hand-held membrane slitter, 8" wide x 3-1/2" high MM21100
MM21105 Replacement blades, 5 blades/box Everhard MM21105 Replacement Blades