Insulation Knives

Longer Blade: The 3-5/8” long blade lets you cut through thicker insulation.
Consistent Edge Quality: The precision ground blade is double-beveled on all three edges.
High Carbon Spring Steel: Hardened and tempered for good edge life, and the right combination of rigidity and flexibility.

MK46000 Everhard Long Cut® Insulation Knife MK46000
Klenk® Dual Duct Knives

Giving contractors a choice — the traditional rosewood handle or the new ergonomic handle.

  • Stainless steel, 3mm blade, serrated on one edge and smooth on the other — a heavier and thicker blade than other knives.
  • Cut duct board, flex-duct, and insulation
  • Rosewood handle with brass rivets
  • Slim, reinforced, Ripstop nylon sheath included — designed to hang from your belt

DA71000 Klenk® dual-edge duct knife, rosewood handle DA71000
DA71010 Klenk® dual-edge duct knife, ergonomic rubber handle DA71010

  • Designed for efficient carrying of roofing knives
  • Made with heavy stitching and reinforced with rivets to give you long-lasting durability
  • Easily attach to a belt

MM20210 Knife Sheath, 11-1/2" length, nylon Ripstop MM20210
DM90070 Insulation Knife Sheath, 7", leather DM90070
DM90110 Sheath, 8", leather DM90110
Utility Knives

DH74610 Front-loading utility knife, includes 5 heavy duty blades DH74610 Utility Knife
DS56010 Steel Track® Utility Knife DS56010
DS56020 Safety Grip® Utility Knife DS56020
Utility Blades

DS56040 Utility blades, standard, 100/box DS56040
DS56060 Utility blades, hook, 100/box DS56060
DS56070 Utility blades, hook, 5/card DS56060
DS56090 Utility blades, safety-point, 100/box DS56090
DS56050 Utility blades, snap-off, 10/tube DS56050
DS56080 Utility blades, standard, 5/card DS56040