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Combo Folding Knife and Seam Tester — Two Functions in One Tool!

Everhard MM21130 Folding Knife/Seam Tester

Everhard’s Patented Roll-N-Chek® — Now Available with Wood Handle!

Roll-n-Chek® (patented) FlyerOur patented Roll-N-Chek® seam rollers are the easiest way to roll and check welded seams. Available with ergonomic, soft-grip handle or wood handle.

  • MR05032 Roll-N-Chek® has an extended fork, an ergonomic,  soft-grip handle, and built-in seam tester probe.
  • MR05018 Roll-N-Chek® has an extended fork, a wood handle, and a built-in seam tester probe.

Roll With American Quality — Everhard’s Silicone Seam Rollers

Roll With American Quality -- Everhard's Silicone Seam RollersThe Only Silicone Roofing Rollers Made in the USA!

Everhard is featuring three of our silicone seam rollers that represent the evolution and expansion of our seam roller line over the years. All of these use the 1-7/16” dia. x 1-3/4” wide roller:

  • MR05032 Roll-N-Chek® has an extended fork, a safety grip handle, and built-in seam tester.
  • MR05029 Seam Roller has an extended fork, a safety grip handle, without the built-in seam tester.
  • MR05020 Seam Roller, has Everhard’s original hard wood handle.


Everhard’s Heavy Urethane Roller

Everhard MR05220 Heavy Urethane RollerFor rolling single-ply membrane after cooling

  • Soft urethane won’t damage roofing membrane.
  • Won’t damage fastener heads
  • Powder coated finish


Everhard’s Newest Double-end Seam Rollers

Everhard MR13160 Double-end Seam RollerEverhard’s popular silicone seam roller together with a choice of detail rollers

  • Model MR13160 — A double-end combination seam roller and nylon “V” roller
  • Model MR13140 — A double-end combination seam roller and aluminum “penny” roller

Everhard MR13140 Double-end Seam RollerUSA-flag

Everhard’s DA86355 16-in-1 Screwdriver

DA86355 Everhard 16-in-1 ScrewdriverProfessional 16-in-1 screwdriver has extra-long, 3-inch bits that are easier to handle!

  • Unique screwdriver replaces 16 separate screwdrivers with extra-long, industrial quality, hardened steel bits.
  • Durable ABS resin handle stands up to heavy duty use
  • Extra long (3″) double-ended bits are easy to handle and keep track of.
  • All 8 bits store safely in the handle in separate bit compartments — the end cap allows individual bit selection and will stay closed during use, preventing stored bits from falling out.
  • The nose piece is a 1/4″ nut driver when no bit is loaded.
  • Individually bagged


Wrist-Saver™ Seam Roller

MR05200Everhard’s Wrist-Saver™ Seam Roller is a breakthrough in hand roller design!

  • The Wrist-Saver™ roller’s patented design allows for proper positioning of your arm, wrist and hand into a neutral, relaxed working position.
  • The design allows you to use the power of your whole arm and conserve energy, allowing you to work longer with less fatigue.
  • Keeps your wrist in a more comfortable position and your arm moves in a natural motion, helping you to increase leverage and avoid wrist strain.
  • Available in silicone and steel roller models


Stand-Up Membrane Slitter

Easily slice through roofing membrane!MM21110

  • Lets you work standing up instead of on your hands and knees!
  • Slices through roofing membrane accurately and easily!


Chek-N-Fold® Seam Tester

MM21120Locks in place when open and folds into handle for safety!

  • Liner-lock closure has oversized opening for easy fold-away.
  • Keep handy clipped to your belt or in your pocket!