Miscellaneous Tools


Everhard suppliers various screwdrivers and other fastener tools for use mainly in metal roofing. One of our most popular items is the 16-in-1 Screwdriver, which comes with eight, double-end, 3-inch bits. We also carry the Pocket Socket®, a 4-in-1 nut driver tool.

DA86355 16-in-1 Screwdriver, individually bagged Everhard DA86355 Screwdriver
Caulking Guns

  • Use to apply sealants, adhesives, caulking, lubricants
  • Sturdy, painted steel frames resist corrosion.
  • Ratchet style compression rod
  • Quick release thumb lever

DH76515 Caulking Gun, 9" DH76515
DH76525 Caulking Gun, 13" DH76515
Tape Measures

DA75500 Tape Measure, 25-foot DA75500
Miscellaneous Tools

DA71500 Awl, 4" length DA71500
DM87580 Trowel, 5-1/2" blade DM87580
DH76560 Scraper, 9" length DA76560